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Planning and executing my trip to Europe!

On February 1st I decided I would take a trip to Europe! I was sitting at work at H&R Block and talking with a coworker and just randomly decided that I would go visit a friend in Spain.

As time went on I didn't know if it would be possible but I was determined. I decided I would go donate plasma to help earn money. I donated once and it was an interesting experience. The following week on Feb 9 I got a letter from them telling me I couldn't donate plasma anymore because I got a false positive for a test, so they couldn't trust my blood. I was super bummed about it, but I was still determined.

I was constantly looking at flights and playing around with dates, departure cities, and arriving cities. On February 11 I found a great flight to Paris on April 24 and coming back on May 25, so round trip for only 420$! For that price I can fly to my family in GA round trip! So I pulled the money together that day and I bought it! I just made a life long dream a reality.

I also wanted to visit friends in Germany and go to other destinations. So I started to look at flights from Paris to London. I had always wanted to go so why not. I found a ticket on Vueling airlines for about 35$ on April 25, the day I arrive in Europe. So I bought it.

Next, I correlated with some friends in Germany and asked if maybe I could stay with them and such. They said I could so the next step was to find a good ticket to Frankfurt, Germany. I found one through Ryanair for 23$ leaving on May 3, I got it.

I then correlated with my friend in Spain who inspired my trip. I asked her if arriving on May 9th at around 2pm was ok. She was so excited and said yes! So I bought my ticket from Frankfurt, Germany to Barcelona, Spain for about 60$!

So I had one more ticket to buy. I had to get a ticket back to Paris from Barcelona so when the time came I could go home. I found a ticket for about 23$ on May 19. I wanted to be able to go to the Paris Temple Dedication on May 21. I also wanted to be able to spend some time in Paris and see some of the sights.

The final count and total for all of my plane tickets is just under 560$!

I am super impressed with myself for being able to pull it off! The tips and tricks I learned to be able to finagle those good deals I learned from thebudgetmindedtraveler. I love her blog and I am still learning from it.