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Part 4 does it meet the test!

Sorry I am not super creative for my titles. But since they are about the same you know exactly what I am talking about no surprises

4. The true church must have the same organization as Christ Church.

this just goes with everything I have been talking about so far :) see it all supports each other.

Titus 1:5-7 Elders and Bishops
Philippians 1:1 Bishops and Deacons
1 Corinthians 12:28 Apostles, Prophets, and Teachers
Ephesians 4:11-14 Apostles, Prophets, Evangelist (Patriarch), Pastor (Bishop), and Teachers
Ephesians 2:20 Apostles and Prophets
Luke 10:1-2Seventy
Acts 14:23 Elders
Acts 16:1-6 Holy Ghost
Acts 20:12-18 Elders

We have all these things in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! Please really search and look for Christ church! It is there and you just don't know where to find it. But you don't have to look any further. He will gladly accept yo with open and loving arms. God organizes everything he wont leave people confused or lost. He knows where each of us are and…

Does it meet the test part 3...

ok so it isn't a surprise right now what I am going to talk about. So I will continue :)

3. The true church must have a foundation of Apostles.

hmmmm Apostles you say.... What is a Apostle?
"In Greek, Apostle means “one sent forth.” It was the title Jesus gave to the Twelve whom he chose and ordained to be his closest disciples and helpers during his ministry on earth. He sent them forth to represent him and to minister for him after his ascension into heaven. Both anciently and in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles in the restored Church today, an Apostle is a special witness of Jesus Christ in all the world to testify of his divinity and of his resurrection from the dead." The Guide to the Scriptures

It is one called to be a witness of Jesus Christ and to teach and testify of Him.

Ephesians 2:19-20
Ephesians 4:11-14 this goes back to that Christ organized the church
Acts 1:22-26
1 Corinthians 12:28-29

We have Apostles here on earth today! They do exactly that! They …

Does it meet the Test part 2!!!!

Ok so for part 2 today the topic is....... drum roll........

2. The True church must bear the name of Christ!

Bear the name of Christ. What do you think that means? I asked a few people if they would answer this question.

My Mission President and His wife answered- "It means EVERYTHING! It is not Monson's church. It is Christ's church He is the one I follow. The restoration means putting things the way they were previous it is not man made and it was established when Christ was here."

My companion Sister Ang-"Christ lead the Church back then. And only through Christ can we go back to him. It would make sense that His Church, would have His name and do what we can, to be like Him and rely on Him. Because through Him, we all return to Heavenly Father."

Dale Roberts- "Christ told us (according to the New Testament) that his church would bear HIS name. Therefore, if you were trying to find HIS church, wouldn't it make sense to look for one that Bore hi…

Does it meet the Test?????

Ok I am sorry I haven't written in a long while. I just haven't had much to say. But now I do. I am going to write about seventeen points of the True Church. SEVENTEEN! I am going to do one well I am going to try to do one every day!

1. Christ organized the Church.

Who else would make the perfect church?! Only Christ could because He himself was perfect so only He could organize it.

Ephesians 4:11-14
in this scripture it is talking about Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists (Patriarch), Pastors (Bishop) and Teachers; and what they do which is for perfecting, and edifying of the saints!

Matthew 16:15-20
this scripture is Christ talking and he is saying how He will build His church on a rock (I see it as Him figuratively building it on a rock since a rock is a sure foundation! a foundation where men build they can not fall!). So if it is the True Church as it says the gates of hell shall not prevail (prove more powerful) against it.

I am 100% sure that The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat…

Book of Mormon

There is a power to the Book of Mormon that you can't find in any other book. Everyone feels that Mormons replace the Bible with the Book of Mormon which is NOT true!

The Book of Mormon is ANOTHER testament or witness of Jesus Christ and it expands, confirms and builds upon the truths in the Bible. Every principle in this book is focused on Jesus Christ and how we as a people can come closer to him.

One passage says that the Book of Mormon "shall establish the truth" of the Bible "and shall make known to all kindreds, tongues, and people, that the Lamb of God is the Son of the Eternal Father, and the Savior of the world; and that all men must come unto him, or they cannot be saved" 1 Nephi 13:40

My testimony of the Book of Mormon is what I strive to share! I KNOW it is true with all of my heart! Everything that the Book of Mormon states helps you draw closer to Christ.