Bonjour & Welcome

Only 2 months

It has been 2 months since I married my Husband and got two wonderful kids in the mix.

July as some people have seen was eventful with Austin being in the hospital constantly. Finally went home the beginning of August. And started a new adventure of him being on peritoneal dialysis. Was Austin's 2nd birthday in the middle of August. And at the end of August sadly Austin got a UTI. Right now we are in the hospital for Austin who has a Fungus in is peritoneal area which is a little scary. We are finding out the options and figuring out what to do.

I haven't been a mom long or anything but can't believe my daughter Destanee starts Preschool next week! When I first met Destanee while I was on my mission she had just turned 2 and she is now 3 1/2! Right now she is eating me out of my house lol she is having a growth spurt. Just the other day for lunch she had 3 hot dogs, a pb&j sandwich and some applesauce! 

It is crazy it has only been 2 months I feel like it has been longer than that. But I would never change it. All I can say is that I love my life with my little family :)

My new plan

So my last post Pace yourself make a plan I epically failed. Lol I was trying to do something new and get myself excising but that way didn't work. But this last weekend I was doing something new with my diet and I felt great! I ate only natural raw food. I did the Raw Food Diet. I am still learning about it. It was a little hard but I felt great afterwords. I drank lots of water more than I usually do which I need to change. I was preparing for a Glucose test I was taking on Monday. One weekend wouldn't have changed the results of that test it was over a period of 3 months it tested (that is what I was told). But it was good to do it anyways.

The reason I had to take that test and I have been trying to get healthier (everyone should try to be healthier anyways) was I am trying to be my sons kidney donor. I had taken a blood test (not sure what it was called anymore have taken too many) and it was a little too high and was showing I could be at risk for being pre-diabetic. So that was a little nerve wrecking. But after finding out the results of the glucose test I am not which is very good!

But my new plan is I am going to do Pilates at my house (I have a fun exercise dvd) and going to the gym on my husband's days off. The way I am trying to remember to do these things are alarms on my phone. Lol it is sad I have to do that to remember but when you have other things on your mind or doing something else you forget. Setting alarms is how I most of the time remember to give myself and my kids their meds on time. I say what ever works works! So this month we shall see how it goes.

Also sorry I don't get on and post a lot. We don't have a regular computer area sort of thing and it takes a lot to set up my laptop so I just haven't.