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Pace yourself...Make a plan

So I have been thinking of how I want to get healthier and stuff. I wanted to become a runner but I know over time it is terrible for your legs (so I've heard and somewhat experienced). And I kind of don't like running anyways lol. But I have tried I have done a 5K the color run. Which was a blast but I didn't run it but it is a start. I have to pace myself. 

So I need to make a plan and stick to it. So I am telling you all my goal :) they say if you tell someone you are more likely to stick to it. On my mission I gained a bit of weight that doesn't put me in the most healthy range but it isn't terrible just isn't where I'd like to be health wise. So my goal is to be in a healthy range. I have a gym membership but being a mother of two doesn't always mean you get to go all the time. So my plan for the gym is going at least once a week when my husband is off. When my life settles down a bit. (For those who don't know my son has been in and out of the hospital this month) And the other days I have a pilates video that I will do that I enjoy. 

I will also take extra measures at doing a bit more for example I'll take the stairs instead of the elevator. They all add up and will help in the end. I used to do 5 push ups every night before bed because I used to get made fun of because I could barely do 5! Each week I would add 5 more eventually I was able to do a lot but then I stopped and I should start that up again.

So if anyone wants to join me in my own challenge of doing 5 push ups every night that would be great. I'd also love to hear about it too if you do :) I am going to start tonight because why not! And continue it through the month of August and we shall see the results. 

I will keep you posted on my progress :) so I am going to keep a measurement of my biceps and will see if I can see a difference maybe not but that is what I am going to do once a week every Friday. 

Bicep measurement day one: 32.5cm

How to be healthy?

So how does one start to eat healthier?????! I don't really know so I googled it.

First thing I am finding is of course more fruits and vegetables! I love fruit and some vegetables I'll have to get better at that. And my daughter loves fruit and she eats her vegetables very well for a 3 year old. My husband who I am going to call Mr. Mom cuz that was what he was before I came around, doesn't eat fruit but loves vegetables. So some of this will but wont be a challenge lol.

Second thing was Eat Real Food! I looked at that and was so confused by it at first but after I thought about it those packaged things we buy, the fast food we eat, and junk food aren't real food! Makes sense.

And last thing was Drop the Liquid Calories! I was happy to see this one. I don't drink soda anyways! But it is more than just soda it is the juice and sugary water and energy drinks. I love juice but most of the time juice isn't real juice either.

So here is the start of a journey of healthier eating.

I know there are lots more things to being healthier but we all have to start somewhere! :)

My new life

Hey :) it has been a long time since I've posted. Since the last time a lot has happened for me.

  1. I got home in Dec from my 18 month mission in Ogden, UT
  2. I started dating
  3. I got married!
  4. Now I'm a mom
That wasn't really a whole lot since Dec 2014 but it was to me. :) So let me tell my story:

In June of 2013 I left my friends and family to serve my church for 18 months. During that time I had met my current husband but I only saw him twice and wasn't interested at the time. The second time I saw him was Christmas and it was four days before I went home. During the time I hadn't seen him every once in awhile his mother would talk about him to me and me to him. Also during that time I got to get to know his two kids. He had been previously married and they had a girl and a boy, Destanee (3 years old) and Austin (23 months). Austin has had kidney disease since he was born so he is a very sick little boy but he is such a fighter. During Christmas we interacted a bit but, when I got home four days later he messaged me on Facebook and we began to talk. Eventually I gave him my number instead of messaging on Facebook back and forth lol. We got to know each other and became good friends. At the end of January I drove cross country from Georgia to Utah. My plan was to go to Weber State and go into Social Work. Well sometimes our plans don't go according to what we thought. Cody and I went on our first date in Feb, to Boondocks which was a lot of fun. In March we had our first kiss. In April we said we loved each other. Cody proposed to me on May 25 Memorial Day. And on June 30 we got married. It was a whirlwind of several months but I would never change it. Cody and I went to Yellowstone for a couple of days for our honeymoon, I had never been so it was a lot of fun. So now I am a stay at home mom which is fun but has its moments like anything else would but I love it.

My Plan now:

So now my blog is going to change a bit. I started it on my mission and I still want to post religious thoughts of mine every once in a while but now its going to be a couple different things if I can keep up with it lol. Since Austin has kidney disease he is going to get a transplant hopefully in the next several months and I want to try to be his donor. But with a new kidney and me with one less we have to eat carefully so I am going to do a health section on things I am trying or have found.

I am going to keep a religious section and post up lifting things like I used too.

I'll have a section of my happenings of being a mom, wife and experiences of donating a kidney (hopefully) called My Life.

And as I decide I may add a few other things.

Thanks for reading! :)