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Just a little story

It has been a while since I have been on here. I didn't mean for that to happen it just did. So I have gone through a lot since the last time I posted. I wrote a short little story on my point of view and thoughts. I am not trying to point fingers or anything like that. Hope it just helps you understand a little bit of what I went through.

There once was a girl who believed in princes and princesses, who believed in happily ever after. She thought she had done right and was following her heart. She fell in love with a man who in the end didn’t love her the same.

He loved the idea of having a wife who took care of the things he didn’t want to anymore. He had been married before and had two beautiful children who were his world. She wasn’t the awful stepmother as the fairy tales portray. She loved them as her own. She gave them everything she was capable of. Some would say, she loved the kids first and the man second. That could very well be true since the kids were easy to love. The man on the other hand wasn’t. He had walls and guards up. He wasn’t an easy person. He had an opinion and it was always heard. He had a small world and didn’t wonder far from it. He said he did but he really didn’t.

The girl, who felt ugly, unwanted and was desperate for love. She had thought she had found love in this man. He made her feel good, wanted, she didn’t mind how he already had kids. She felt the pieces falling into place on her list of things. She wanted to be a mother and wanted to be married and here she could have it all so easily, or so she thought.

After the wedding bells had rung, tragedy hit. The man never really considered the kids theirs; they were just his, his son and his daughter. Nonetheless she worked hard to prove she loved the kids and him no matter what.

The son got sick beyond measure and was slowly dying. In an attempt to help and in a small way to prove her love she willingly gave a piece of herself to the son, who she always considered her own. The miracle was it worked he was slowly getting better.

But as time went and the pressure of constantly having a sick son it wore down the girl but, she trudged on. She loved him. The man grew distant he didn’t share things with his new wife. She grew depressed of her situation. She didn’t know what to do; she was doing everything she could. She wasn’t herself anymore. She was a shell of who she used to be. She gave the man more of her love and attention thinking it would help. He just got more distant and unhappy.

She finally sought help from the counselor. The counselor listened and saw the problem. The man let her into the gate of his world but made her stay in the yard never daring to open the door to let her in. He was scared. He said he loved her but in the end they were just words. So, she left the little kingdom, she left behind the children who had become her world. She closed the door on her heart. She is now hesitant and nervous of princes who come knocking.

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